Georgia-Pacific has a new mold-resistant wallboard

Georgia Pacific has a new mold-resistant wallboard. You can find more information about it on the company website here: ‘Paperless DensArmor´┐Ż Plus Interior Wallboard is a highly mold-resistant interior gypsum panel. DensArmor Plus panels are ideal for moisture-prone interior walls, in areas such as basements and residential bathrooms. They are also ideal for commercial pre-rock installations. DensArmor Plus Interior Wallboard carries a three-month in-place exposure warranty…’ It scored a perfect 10 on a mold growth test, the fine print says: ‘…The score of 10, in the ASTM D3273 test, indicates no mold growth in a 4-week controlled laboratory test. The mold resistance of any building product when used in actual job site conditions may not produce the same results as were achieved in the controlled, laboratory setting. No material can be considered mold proof. When properly used with good design, handling and construction practices, DensGuard Products provide increased mold resistance compared to standard paper faced wallboard products.’