Garage Straightening 101

Here is a well illustrated article on straightening a leaning garage with a come-along (winch). I’ve used this technique on a garage with a much greater lean than this one with success. Other mounting methods such as a U-bolt and mounting the winch on the inside of the garage may be easier: ‘…a parallelogram can be forced back into a rectangle, if one diagonal (the longest diagonal) is pulled together. Also, the shorter diagonal could be pushed apart. Which method is chosen depends on the tools at hand. I happened to own a pair of 2 Ton cable winches (also called a “come-along”) as well as 6 Ton and 12 Ton hydraulic bottle jacks. I chose the weakest of my tools for the first attempt…’ Do this at your own risk, but it worked well for me.

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  1. Hi

    I read your article on the web about straightening a leaning garage and found it very well written and easy to understand.

    I happen to have a leaning garage but the direction of lean is different to the garage in your article. Mine is leaning in the east-west direction where the garage door is on the south wall. This south wall of the garage has the severest angle of lean. The north wall is not leaning very much at all.

    Following the instructions on your article I think I can easily winch the south wall straight but I am a bit stumped as to how to make the structure rigid. My feeling is that I would need to brace the south wall but this is virtually all open space.

    What do you think I can do? Or is it not going to be possible to make the structure rigid?


    1. When you have walls with large open areas, such as the overhead door opening, it is best to plumb positive, and sheet the interior stud wall with OSB

  2. I used the methods described and the result was a perfect workshop. The procedure was surprisingly simple and easy. Anyone can do it.

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