MEN: Easier Plumbing with PEX

Mother Earth News has an article about the advantages of using cross linked polyethylene plumbing (PEX) over conventional plumbing. It also has installation steps. Interesting reading: ‘Next time you need to replace pipes in your home, consider an alternative to rigid piping that comes in rolls, can be cut easily to any desired length, and requires no soldering and very few joint fittings. Generically called PEX-AL-PEX, this flexible plastic piping is so easy to install that you can handle most projects quickly on your own…’

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) For Home?

The short answer according to wikipedia is not yet: ‘…”Currently, solid state lighting is not readily available for household use, requires power source conversion in household applications, and is relatively expensive, although costs are decreasing. LED flashlights however already have become widely
The Energy Self-Sufficiency Newsletter also has an informative piece on this topic.