Review: GAF Liberty Self Adhering Shingle

Spreading a hot bucket of tar on a roof is not my idea of fun. So when the roof of my 1951 falling-downer garage really began springing a leak, I went to the local Home Depot and discovered the GAF Liberty™ roofing system. Essentially it is a peel and stick shingle that comes in a long roll. It looked perfect for what I had in mind which was simply covering up my roof as quickly and cheaply as possible.

My roof already had two layers of shingles and I had no desire to spend much money on it. I simply wanted to halt the deterioration so I could decide what to do next. A blue tarp was not the answer.

Only 4 hours later, the roof was completely covered with a more or less permanent shingle covering. This is how I did it, the manufacturers directions are probably different: You simply roll the shingle out, align it where you want, then pull the plastic backing out from underneath it to reveal the adhesive. Press it into place, cut the end to length and it is done. No hammering nails, no hot tar, no torches, I didn’t strip the old shingle off or put in the underlayments which probably the manufacturer would like to happen. However, it looks like a pretty permanent fix.

Drawbacks: like all roll-type shingle, it doesn’t look as good as regular shingles. You can tell where the seams are. Price might be an issue: it was on sale at my local store for $20/roll but was originally $54.95. I think it was not very popular and the store wanted to get rid of it. This is a shame because it is a good product. Places where this might be un-beatable are, multi-family, post disaster quick fixes or smaller buildings like sheds.

3 thoughts on “Review: GAF Liberty Self Adhering Shingle”

  1. Just curious how your roof is holding up? Certainly unconventional application method.
    good luck with it.

  2. In 2006 I tore off, (high elevation 10K ft just below Kenosha Pass, Colorado midlde of know where $ ice and water $ the decking, new vents metal etc. $ custom chimney caps $ put on 50yr 110 mph ELK shingle. That was $ 6,500 in ’06. I do know that shingle prices have a lot to do with crude oil prices, and I have been working in roofing for 3yrs now. Reflecting on shingle prices, I am glad I replaced the roof when I did because shingles have almost doubled. $ 5200 seems about right, but like previously suggested, try to get at least three (3) bids, and go with the roofing company that you feel has the most professional HONEST presentation (there are A LOT OF HACKS’ out there make sure they are insured) Also check what the difference it would make with your home owners insurance to see if you get a better break on a 50yr-Life shingle compared to just a 30yr. I know with the 50yr, it saved me $ 100 a year on home owners insurance.Good luck with your roof, it is probably one of the most important improvements for your home.-PCK

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