Home Design/Floorplan/Estimating Softwares

Here’s a short summary of Home Design, Floorplan, Estimating softwares as well as some opinions:

Punch! (exclamation is part of the product name): website here is supposed to have a good floor plan builder with estimating built-in to the product. It has won numerous awards.

RS Means has an extensive collection of books on construction, including estimating software.

Broderbund 3D Home Architect: From personal experience: stay away from Broderbund Home Design. Rarely have I seen a product shipped with such poor quality. Check out the negative comments on Amazon.

Fast Plans: Link here I’ve never tried it, so let me know if you
try it.

Smart Draw: Link here. This is a free add-in module to Smart Draw for doing floorplans. It’s not bad.

Microsoft Visio: website diagram software has a floor-plan add in.

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